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We are delighted to be able to welcome you to Genesis Integrated Ministries(GIM), at least on a computer screen if not in person.

The amazing world of internet will, we hope, allow us to be of some help to you to meet Jesus Christ or to get to know Him better. We are here because meeting Him ourselves has been life-changing.

Galanki Raju ( Founder)

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Core values are intrinsic factors, essential and enduring tenets of an organization. They are the foundational characteristics and timeless guiding principles for which the organization stands and is known for and, therefore, no compromise can be made on them under any circumstance. Core values give qualitative identity and inner focus points for an organization in its outward working for its mission and goals. Core values stand the test of time and members come to a realization of these values as they work together in common pursuit of reaching out to their vision. We have lived out these core values since its inception, enabled by the grace and power of God. Read More